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Havana National Bank, established in 1875, is a locally owned agricultural bank situated along the Illinois River in Havana, Illinois. During our 140 plus years of service to the communities we serve, we have focused on the farming community as our mainstay. This area of west central Illinois attributes a portion of its success to an unlimited natural resource of underground water supply known as the aquifer. The agricultural community makes use of this natural water supply through the many irrigation systems in use. Mason County has more irrigation systems than any other county in Illinois. In addition to providing traditional crops to America's economy, such as soybeans and corn, this area is responsible for specialty crops such as vegetables, popcorn and melons.

Like any business that has a long and prosperous history, The Havana National Bank, is no exception. A prominent figure in the bank’s storied past was Calvin King. Calvin, the son of Newton King (one of the original directors), took over the president position upon his father’s death in 1912. During the heart and panic of the Great Depression, Calvin and the bank board had the foresight to accumulate enough cash to cover all depositors’ funds. They neatly piled the cash on display behind the tellers so customers could see that this bank was stocked with enough cash to cover their deposits. This strategy was successful in staving off a run on the bank such as those that unfortunately affected the other two banks in Havana. Those two banks failed during the Great Depression. As a matter of fact, The Havana National Bank was one of the two banks in Mason County to survive the Great Depression. To put it in perspective, total assets at the end of 1920 were $1,267,144; at the end of 1930, the total assets for the bank were $1,532,726.

As time rolled on, the bank continued to have steady growth. After 75 years of business, the bank’s total assets were $8,644,585, and by 1975 (100 years) the bank’s total assets were $36,822,317. In 2000, with the formation of its holding company (Community Investment Group, Ltd.) and the bank’s first acquisition — two associated bank branches (one in Havana and one across the river in Lewistown — Fulton County), the bank began a 15-year period of significant growth. During that period, the bank added branches in San Jose and Green Valley (2005), Manito (2006), HNB Financial Center (brokerage and insurance — 2008), and in 2015 another branch addition in Virginia. The bank’s assets were $91,158,208 going into 2000 and were approximately $225 million at December 31, 2015, for growth of $133.8 million or an annual growth rate of 9.2 percent. Most important, the bank has been able to maintain a solid capital position (without borrowing at the holding-company level) and return a nice semi-annual dividend to its loyal shareholders. Now operating from five counties in a 30-mile radius around Havana, the bank’s goal is to remain an independent community bank well into the foreseeable future.

The Bank, although very conservative, is also progressive and responsive to the ongoing financial needs of its customers. Traditional products such as checking, savings, time certificates and a wide variety of loan products are the Bank's main focus. However, in order to compete effectively with the changing world, many new products have been added. Full service brokerage, all types of insurance products, on-line banking and electronic bill pay, ATM/debit cards, business leasing, high-yield, FDIC-insured, money market accounts, etc. have been added in recent years to serve the needs of the market area.

With a strong capital base, a high-performing loan portfolio, support from a strong agricultural base, and locations in Havana, Lewistown, San Jose, Green Valley, Manito, and Virginia, Havana National Bank stands ready to meet the needs of its customers both locally and elsewhere.

Proud of our past, Committed to your future

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